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Monday, December 7, 2009

Pictures that tell a story.

So, I know it's late...again... whatever...

This assignment was to take a picture that tells a story.  I had a few ideas in mind but as i went through the pictures that I've taken this summer I found some that I think fit this category.

This kid is having 'fun'... can you tell?

 People make the most interesting pictures.

If your parents take you to a car show... and you have no interest in cars, what better thing to do than to play fight with your friends!!!  That's my plan next time I go somewhere and get bored.

Just a guy.... with an artificial leg.  Funny thing is, I took this with a telephoto lens and didn't even know he had an artificial leg until I got home and looked at the picture on my computer.

Some girl I know... at Elbow Falls.

Suffering from an almost imperceptible scratch on his leg.  At the time, it was apparently a big deal, and dad didn't put down the camera. (Okay... I did... after i took the pictures though.)  Hug and a kiss and off he went.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Assignment #2... okay... I know it's late... but nobody's marking... so whatever

The second assignment was on learning aperture and how it affects focus.  So, the project is to have two pictures, first one with a narrow/shallow range of focus and another landscape picture with a wide / deep focus.

So here goes....

Shallow focus - I actually really like this effect because it draws attention to detail.

This one is of a group of statues in a fountain in Charlotte North Carolina.

And the one on the right is in the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  Not your typical picture of the Grand Canyon.

And for the landscape pictures, you'd think that there would be some spectacular ones of the Grand Canyon, however when we were there, they were doing controlled burns in the area so there is a smokey haze throughout the canyon.  It was still spectacular to behold.

Pictures just can't do it justice.... even landscape photographs with a wide angle wouldn't  capture the sheer magnitude of it.

There were, however, some amazing sunsets...

And the Arizona desert, is a land like no other.  It's like stepping onto the landscape of another planet.

So there you have it.... Assignment #2 in the bag!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I VOLUNTEERED for homework!

I know, i don't know what I was thinking, but in an effort to come up with more regular blog posts..... I volunteered for homework. Okay, I guess it's not really homework if no-one is grading it and there isn't a real due date, but still.

So here's how it's working. A good friend of mine is taking journalism and as one of her courses she has various photography assignments. So, I'm doing the same assignments and posting them on this here blog thing. So here we go.

Assignment #1 - shutter speed.

The assignment (or my interpretation of it anyway) was to take two pictures. one with a fast shutter speed, which catches objects in motion and essentially 'freezes' them. The second pictures is a slow shutter speed that also can be used for objects in motion however it creates the blurry motion that you see in a lot of pictures. Like waterfalls with the soft looking water or lights of cars at night that stream across the photo.

Part 1 - Fast shutter speed

1/1250 second shutter speed

1/640 shutter speed

1/2000 shutter speed

I like taking pictures of water this way because it just catches each drop.  Waterfalls are constantly changing and you never get the same shot twice.

Part 2 - Slow shutter speed.

1 second

1/2 second

These were both taken on the car-show weekend in Lethbridge.  I like them both for different reasons.quite often, when you see lights streaked across the photo it's because of a slow shutter speed at night, with a tripod which results in streaked, but straight lines.  The first photo is takein without a tripod and as a result the lines are wavy.  You can kindof make out the image, and the lighting I think is cool.

The second picture, I like because of the clarity of the lettering on the ambulance and all that is going on around it.  Also, taken without a tripod with slow shutter speed.

So there you have it.... assignment # 1 done.  Feel free to comment, review, critisize or whatever.